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How did my electrical service get overloaded?

The average age of a home is now more than 35 years. That means that many homes were built before most of today’s electrical appliances and gadgets were even invented. The steady increase of consumer electronic use and home energy consumption means that the electrical systems in many older homes can easily become overloaded. Indicators to an overloaded electrical service are flickering lights, hot breakers, blown fuses, tripping breakers, and/or no space to add new circuits. Electrical services include over 60 individual parts that make up one system. Each individual part is important for the whole electrical system to operate properly and safely. At Amp Electric we take upgrading your power, fuses, and/or circuit breaker panels seriously. We install our systems in your home with the highest attention to detail.

Amp Electric of West MI replaces fuse and circuit breaker panels in Muskegon, Norton Shores MI, and Grand Haven MI.  We make the process simple and affordable.

Old electric fuse boxes are dangerous. Old electrical fuse boxes have exposed live electrical parts that can accidentally be touched when changing fuses. DANGEROUS! If your panel has little round one time use fuses, that protect your home electrical wiring from being damaged by overloads, then you have a fuse box service. These fuse boxes are often not even grounded! This is a dangerous situation when grounded wiring is added to a fuse panel because if the fuse panel where to become energized then the home's grounded wiring would also be energized. New modern systems of electrical distribution solve these problems. Our electrical service upgrades include the latest electrical panel, electrical service grounding, electric wiring conductors, and installation techniques. Amp Electric can make installing your new electrical circuit breaker panel easy and simple. Amp Electric offers several options of electrical circuit breaker upgrades to choose from. Whether your upgrade is for your personal home, an investment property, or for your business, Amp Electric has the solution.
Old circuit breaker boxes are also becoming in need of replacement. Old circuit breaker panels are often severely undersized and overloaded with wires. Some of the oldest are no longer being produced and are very hard to repair. The transfer from fuses to circuit breakers was a significant improvement but some of the old original circuit breakers actually are very dangerous. These old breakers do not disconnect power when a problem happens and this is a huge problem. Every circuit breaker should also only have one wire per circuit breaker.  Many of the older panels have been doubled up because they are full.  Amp Electric installs circuit breaker panel boxes that have plenty of circuit breaker spaces for your home wiring. Amp Electric's service upgrades include the latest in technology for circuit breaker panels. Amp Electric has several options that can even be added to new electrical service upgrades. We can install a surge protection device directly into the electric panel that can protect your new electrical breaker panel, your home's wiring, and anything plugged into your outlets from harmful power surges.

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